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Sustainability has a very high priority at the DMK GROUP. The sustainability strategy "DMK 2020: Our milk. Our world." (DMK 2020 for short) is integrated into our corporate strategy and lays down guidelines up to the year 2020. Sustainability is a communal task. It affects all departments and levels of the company, includes collaboration with external stakeholders and involves the entire value chain in the sustainability process. We invite you to gain in-depth insights into sustainability at the DMK GROUP in these pages and to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

DMK 2020

sustainability strategy

DMK published the DMK 2020 Sustainability Strategy in 2013. It focuses on the years to 2020 and encompasses five strategic areas of major relevance: agriculture, environment, milk, team and society. The five areas are underpinned with 20 fields of action, 60 goals and corresponding actions. DMK oversees their implementation with indicators and annual monitoring. Clear responsibilities bear witness to the Management Team's commitment to sustainable management.  The strategy was developed with the involvement of relevant departments, the Board of Management, Supervisory Board and Advisory Board, DMK's Management Board and the Council for the Future and Sustainability.


Our reporting provides targeted information


DMK GROUP Combined annual report and sustainability report 2016

The aim of this report is to create a compact overview for all stakeholder groups and promote dialogue.

DMK GROUP Sustainability Programme Summary Report 2014/2015

DMK 2020 Sustainability Programme: Our milk. Our world.

DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH · Summary Report 2014/2015
PDF; 482 KB


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