Apprenticed occupations at the DMK GROUP

Apprenticeship as a mechanic (m/f)
Apprenticeship as a dairyman/dairywoman
Apprenticeship as an electronic and mechatronic technician (m/f)
Apprenticeship as a dairy lab technician (m/f)

The best of both worlds: theory and practice.

Close links between theory and practice make for especially intensive training. While the vocational school teaches theoretical knowledge in sandwich or part-time courses, practical work on the job is a further important part of your training.

At DMK, you will be given practical support and advice by highly qualified specialists. Your training will be carefully planned and coordinated with your vocational school's framework curriculum. As an apprentice you will already make an active contribution, increase your independence and consolidate what you have learned through your own achievement.

Any other questions about apprenticeships?

We have free apprenticeship places for 1st of August 2020. Read our hints and tricks to the training and feel free to apply online right now. Alternatively, you can use the contactform or send an e-mail to ausbildung@dmk.de. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Tips on your application for an apprenticeship

Would you like to apply for a job with us? We are happy to hear that. Here are a few tips to ensure your application makes a good impression. The most important one: apply in good time. We start the selection procedure for most apprenticeship professions roughly a year before the training begins. Your application should reach us by then.
There are basically two ways for you to apply: either you use our online application process, or you put a file together for us and send it by post. Both approaches require a bit of preparation. You should have the following documents ready - in digital or paper form, depending on your chosen form of application.


Prepare your CV in tabular form, and type/key it. The CV should contain your personal details and document your school education and what you will be doing until you start your planned apprenticeship. If possible, it should leave no gaps. It must also be signed if you are sending it by post. For an online-application, you need your CV in digital format, preferably as a PDF.

Covering letter

The letter should be no more than one A4 page long and be individually worded. Tell us why you are applying, what you like about the profession you have chosen and why you think it is perfect for you. If you apply by post, please don‘t forget to include your return address and signature. With an online-application you have the opportunity to upload your letter as a PDF or to copy the text directly into the form.

Copies of certificates (not originals)

We need copies of your last two school reports, for those with university entrance level qualifications (Abitur) a copy of your exam certificate (it does not need to be certified). If you are attending a school of further or higher education, please also submit the leaving certificate from your first school. Please remember that these copies should be available in digital format for the online-application, preferably as PDFs.

Additional qualifications

Have you attained special qualifications, attended courses, completed internships, spent some time abroad, already gained some professional experience? Then tell us about them. If you have informative certificates, assessments etc. about them, please enclose a copy or upload them with your online-application.


Experience reports from our trainees

Industrial clerk
IT specialist

Experience story: Manuel Karli, apprenticeship as an industrial clerk

Surname, First name: Karli, Manuel
28 years
Apprenticeship: Industrial clerk
Current position: Processing clerk in Agricultural Affairs/Membership

How long have you been working with DMK and how did you find out about the company?
I started an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with DMK in 2010 and am now working as a processing clerk in the Agricultural Affairs department. A former apprentice who's still with the company made me think about DMK as an employer. He still works for the company. His stories about his work at DMK convinced me to apply for an apprenticeship there too.

Why do you like DMK as an employer?
DMK is growing and growing. The number of employees has almost tripled since I started here four years ago, sales and profit have increased steadily. And there's still no sign of an end to it. Or rather, we're aiming for a big goal, which is also in our vision: we want to become Europe's most successful dairy cooperative. DMK shows young people prospects for the future. People who want to go places in their jobs are developed accordingly. There are plenty of examples here of former apprentices or trainees who now occupy senior positions in the company.

What do you particularly like about DMK/what does DMK mean to you?
What I particularly like is the family atmosphere throughout the company. It's no secret that the feel-good factor has a high impact on every individual's work performance. In my opinion, DMK offers the best environmental conditions and terms of employment to be able to achieve the best possible results through high motivation across all departments. It's nice to see that you can make your own contribution to overall performance and as a result you're a small part of this very large DMK family.

What is particularly important to you in your job?
Like most of my colleagues, it's particularly important to me to enjoy my work. However, a good working atmosphere is not to be underestimated either when it comes to feeling happy in your own role. Naturally, you also have to be interested in your own duties. Then you can use the opportunities available at DMK to develop further with seminars, training courses or higher education.

What has been your best experience at DMK so far?
No question about it, the best experiences at DMK are the football matches with the company team and the Gesamtbetriebsfest, the party that's held for the whole organisation. It always gives you the chance to meet new colleagues from other sites and forge new contacts.

Experience story: Kevin Buch, IT specialist – applications development – Fachrichtung Anwendungsentwicklung

Surname, First name: Buch, Kevin
Age: 21 years
Current position: IT specialist – applications development

Duties: I am an IT specialist in the discipline of applications development. My main job is to develop links between SAP and other systems. In collaboration with various specialist departments, I also develop software in the ABAP programming language for the DMK GROUP.

What has been your career to date at DMK?
I did the final exams for 10 years of school education - Realschulabschluss - at KGS-Leeste. After that, I decided to attend a pre-vocational training year at a school of business and information sciences. Part of the programme was a one-month internship in a company. I did mine at Nordmilch GmbH and was asked straight out whether I could see myself training as an IT specialist in applications development. Shortly after I started my apprenticeship, in 2011, Nordmilch and Humana became DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, Germany's largest dairy cooperative. I completed my apprenticeship successfully in July 2014 and I was very happy when DMK made me an offer to continue my professional career at the company afterwards. What I particularly enjoyed during my apprenticeship was working independently with different systems and applications, the discussions across different factories and the consultations with the user departments. But it was also super to get the opportunity to be able to work for a few weeks in our factory in Zeven and at the administrative HQ in Bremen. Going on a trip on a milk collection vehicle was a fantastic experience. That familiarises you with the entire path the milk takes – from collection to further processing. All in all, an apprenticeship as an IT specialist is very varied and you get insights into all kinds of different departments.

How did you find out about DMK?
I found out about the company from a former neighbour and from the website. I then applied for a job and passed through an entry qualification (long-term internship) with Nordmilch GmbH, as it was then.

Why do you like DMK as an employer?
There's huge variety and diversity in the work. The people you work with are always open and friendly and are happy to help you even after your apprenticeship is finished. The atmosphere is very good overall, and working with nice colleagues is a pleasure every day.

What is particularly important to you in a job at DMK?
To me, working at DMK means in particular having a secure job. That's definitely the most important thing. But the variety in the work and the good opportunities for continuing professional development in various areas are crucial, particularly with regard to your future career.

What has been your best experience at DMK so far?
It was great to find that Nordmilch, and later DMK, gave me, with my less academic school qualifications, the chance to start a very good apprenticeship as an IT specialist in applications development. I'm proud that I got a permanent job after the apprenticeship.