Training as an Industrial Plant Maintenance Mechanic (m/f/o)


Your role

  • Over the course of 3½ years, we will familiarise you with how to keep our machines and production systems operational so that our production always works perfectly from start to finish.
  • Specifically, you will produce individual components and parts, install them in technical systems and set them up perfectly – including final commissioning.
  • If faults occur in the systems, you will be able to deal with them easily – we will show you how to identify all faults accurately and restore the systems to working order.
  • Lessons at vocational college will bring you up to speed as far as materials engineering, control, regulation and information technology and technical communications are concerned.
  • The practical part of your training also offers a number of learning opportunities for you: in addition to tasks such as drilling, turning and milling, you will learn how to read and apply circuit diagrams and process and function plans correctly.
  • Last but not least, we will teach you which aspects of environmental protection and occupational safety play a central role in your professional future.
Our requirements:

  • Good secondary school qualification 
  • Good marks/knowledge in the areas of mathematics, physics and technology
  • Advantageous: Experience from voluntary or charity work