German market leader. Popular in 100 countries all over the world.

With 8,600 active milk producers and cooperative owners and around 7,200 employees, we process 7.3 billion kilos of milk a year at 25 locations. That makes DMK the largest milk processing company in the German market.
With a turnover of 5.1 billion euros, we are also in the European dairy industry’s leader group.
To broaden the sales base for German dairy farmers, DMK has pushed the development of new growth markets and has opened the door to attractive key markets with sales offices in Shanghai and Moscow. The opening of our sales office in Dubai in 2015 is a further important step towards increasing our sales volume in the growth region MENA. In addition to other EU countries where particularly close trade links exist, the emerging economies outside Europe offer especially high potential for exports of German dairy products.


Reports and brochures


DMK GROUP Combined annual report and sustainability report 2016

The aim of this report is to create a compact overview for all stakeholder groups and promote dialogue.

DMK GROUP Factsheet 2016

PDF; 119 KB