A consistent strategy. With clear objectives.

Further development of existing business areas
A consistent strategy. With clear objectives. A systematic business strategy makes DMK even stronger in the market. The merger of Humana Milchindustrie GmbH and NORDMILCH GmbH arose from a highly successful, long-standing collaboration. Our primary goal is to earn attractive milk prices with long-term stability for the cooperative owners of both companies. To achieve this, DMK sets clear focal points in the strategic further development of existing business areas:

  • Strategic expansion of the cheese business
  • Profitable growth of the branded goods business
  • Competitive market share in dairy product range
  • Further development of the ingredients business
  • Expansion of the ice cream, baby food and health products business areas
Another central focus will be the expansion of our international business within the EU and increased participation in international growth markets.
The main purpose of our investments is the further development of our top quality standards and new product development. We are naturally accountable towards our owners in the cooperatives, and also our employees, our customers and consumers. On top of that, we have a responsibility to protect the environment and the natural world from which we daily obtain the raw materials used by our factories to make our high-quality dairy products. We never lose sight of the value of the resources that are needed every day so that raw milk can be produced and then processed in our factories to provide a wide range of high-quality goods.