Compliance – Guidance for working together fairly

DMK Group’s core values are entrepreneurial, fair and innovative – responsible, strategic and sustainable action is, in this context, essential for any successful company.


Compliance means sticking to the rules. A compliance management system is seen as the principles and measures designed to ensure compliant behaviour.

DMK Group is an international dairy group active in numerous countries and is obliged to comply with numerous legal regulations. Each violation against legal requirements can have serious consequences. It is therefore the aim of Compliance to create structures which facilitate adherence to rules, in order to avert damage by third parties and thus also by the DMK Group or its employees, as well as to actively prevent rule violations.

DMK Group Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to help employees meet this responsibility in order to protect the interests of the DMK Group as well as public and private interests. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by internal guidelines which are meant to facilitate the observance of legal provisions.

Dealing with notes

With the Code of Conduct the DMK GROUP has not only committed to integrity in business, but has also set forth binding requirements on ethical conduct and sustainability and on compliance with social and environmental standards. We expect the actions of our business partners to be based on guidelines that are compatible with the DMK Code of Conduct.