Innovation through research and development

A central corporate department is Research and Development (R&D). The DMK GROUP invests in its further development every year. This includes joint research with higher education institutions, development together with suppliers, staff increases, and also investments in equipment and new technologies such as an experimental tower or filtration technologies.

R&D also supports the optimisation of manufacturing processes. Jointly and in consultation with different corporate departments and Innovation Management, it also develops a wide range of projects of major importance to the DMK GROUP's continued future development. Our goal: we want to improve our value added – through constant quality improvements, product innovations, optimised processes and new technologies. These long-term measures will take care of sales, profits and the payment of our milk prices and are a mirror of corporate success.

MIC: Milk Innovation Centers at two sites

The focus at the Zeven research and development site is on the two strategic business units fresh dairy products and powders/ingredients. Here, new products are developed for our branded products business, grocery retailers, the bulk consumer sector and the FCMG industry. Another key area is process- and application-optimised product solutions for the food manufacturing industry, for example in the areas of confectionery, baked goods and ice cream; the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and catering); and the deep frozen and delicatessen sector. We work here on tailor-made solutions for our clients in an environment true to every detail, with a miniature dairy and special technical centres for confectionery and baked goods.

At the cheese technical centre at the Edewecht site, we are able to pursue the targeted development of individual and innovative variations and methods with our pilot facility and experimental cheese-making plant, and then map them onto scale production. Our excellent technical facilities for the development of new products and processes set their stamp on our innovativeness.