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the complete Code of Conduct:  


The new Code of Conduct is the basis for everything we do. We have revised the regulations so they better fit the contemporary business environment. DMK’s three core characteristics are that we are entrepreneurial, fair and innovative. We want to demonstrate these through our responsible, strategic and sustainable actions.

The Code of Conduct is structured into five areas and 13 principles. Everyone who works for DMK is obligated to uphold these principles, from apprentices to the manager. We have expanded on many of the principles with questions from our daily work to clarify what the principles mean. We want our employees to understand the code of conduct and to internalise it. That is everyone’s job – and also opportunity – to actively support our values and that way to help us succeed. Our customers and business partners trust our basic principles. And the farmers, our cooperative owners, know that they can rely on us. By signing up to the Milkmaster Codex, they also agree to produce milk in a way that is sustainable and responsible.

This can only work if we work together. Compliance means abiding by the rules. A code cannot cover every eventuality but is a framework to identify possible risks and areas of conflict. Anyone who is uncertain about which rules apply to them, or how to apply the rules in a particular situation, should ask their manager, their compliance officer or contact the Group compliance team. Any suggestions for improvement are also welcome. Employees wanting to report breaches of the law anonymously can use our whistleblower system via an external ombudsman.


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