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A great deal has changed. A massive process of transformation at DMK means that now, the massive “dairy ship” is turning towards the future. The changes were often radical: departments were merged, production processes optimized, new products developed and in the future, too, we won’t be able to sit back and take it easy as we drive Vision 2030 forwards. The DMK Group is steering its focus away from volumes and onto margins, and putting customer wishes at the center of everything it does. The changes involved all demand a lot of patience, engagement and trust on the part of employees. Some of the aspects of this extensive change process have been easy to implement quickly, while others will take longer. Some 1,5000 employees were transferred to different positions. Three plants had to be closed, although investments were made in other locations. For example, DMK spent €145 million to transform the former factory at Strückhausen into a high-tech location for the production of baby food. Now, after three years of intense upheaval, we can say that it was worth it! Thanks to all of these measures, the ship is on course for a new, changed world that is full of opportunities — and that secures the jobs of our employees. Because none of these changes would have been possible without the people who work here: the people who succeed in helping DMK every day.


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