DMK Group actively addresses consumer issues

MILRAM products now with less sugar

Bremen, August 13, 2018. Resource-efficient, vegetarian, protein-rich, inspiring – food is increasingly becoming an ideology. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is the new normality and is changing from an aspiration to a lifestyle. 

MILRAM products now with less sugar

“At DMK, we develop new concepts and products that meet consumers’ needs and help them lead a balanced life. As a leading food manufacturer, we focus on customer-oriented approach in order to offer dairy products that consumers are looking for on the refrigerated shelves,” said Matthias Rensch, responsible for the brand business within the DMK Group.

Health and a balanced diet have long ceased to be trend topics, but instead have been the long-running issue for many years. More and more consumers are paying attention to a health-conscious diet and are increasingly turning to products with as little sugar as possible.

With 8.1 billion kilograms of processed milk, the DMK Group, one of the largest suppliers to the food retail industry in Germany, is specifically addressing these issues of the future. Nowadays, consumers’ trust and wishes are more important than ever before. Protein, lifestyle, trends and healthy nutrition are the new buzzwords shaping the self-image of any modern food manufacturer.

The DMK Group meets this demand with its flagship brand MILRAM: The newly introduced products of the year, MILRAM Buttermilch Drink Grapefruit-Aronia (buttermilk with grapefruit and aronia) and MILRAM Buttermilch Drink Johannisbeere-Granatapfel (buttermilk with currant and pomegranate), contain comparatively little sugar. The same applies to the new MILRAM Feine Quarkcreme (fine quark cream) in raspberry, tangerine and mango flavours. The MILRAM Skyr Drinks focus on the consumers’ purchasing considerations of “a lot of protein and little fat”. Nevertheless, these new products also stand out with their comparatively low sugar content.

In future, MILRAM will also use less sugar in its existing products. Matthias Rensch, COO Business Unit Brand: “This year and next year, we will gradually reduce the added sugar so that consumers can get used to having less sugar. This is very important: We compensate for the lower sugar content not with sweeteners or sweetener-based aromas, but with milk and yoghurt. After all, the brand represents natural, genuine enjoyment. Apart from this, consumers are increasingly interested in a shorter list of ingredients. Clean and clear labels are a big topic.”

The revision of the assortment will be carried out in three steps. Initially, the brand focuses on product categories that represent a healthy pleasure for the consumer. That is: Buttermilk and kefir drinks as well as fine quark cream. The second step involves sweet products such as MILRAM dessert sauce with vanilla flavour. This is followed by the remaining products to which sugar is added.

As with food retail products, the sugar content of the MILRAM Food-Service assortment is gradually being reduced. With MILRAM Food-Service, the DMK Group will occupy a leading market position in the supply of dairy products to the catering trade and therefore also sees itself in a responsible role here to drive the issue. The first products with reduced sugar and fat were launched this spring with the new Skyr desserts. When adapting existing recipes, it is important to retain the tried-and-tested taste and functional properties. Sugar is not only a flavour carrier, but also a texturising agent. Matthias Rensch: "One of the decisive factors for chefs is consistency. Our MILRAM professional desserts – whether quark, yoghurt, buttermilk or Skyr – stand out with their creamy texture in particular. This will not change in the future. Even with less sugar, the tried-and-tested quality remains intact.”