Strong DMK Group presence at PLMA 2018

DMK Private Label and DMK International are to present inspiring concepts for private labels and industry partners

Bremen, 17 May 2018. The DMK Group will be represented by three stands at this year's PLMA in Amsterdam. Under the umbrella of the joint "Made in Germany" stand, the Business Units DMK Private Label and DMK International are to present new products and ideas for the private label and contract manufacturing sectors in Hall 1 at F-5272. In addition, the DMK subsidiaries DMK Eis GmbH und DOC Dairy Partners B.V. (DDP) will each have their own stand. 

DMK Private Label: a strong partner for retailers' private labels
DMK Private Label will present a wide variety of product ideas at the Amsterdam show. "We've examined current trends and consumers' wants very closely – and used them to develop relevant product concepts that appeal to consumers' tastes," explains Thorsten Rodehüser, Chief Operating Officer DMK Private Label. "That reflects our understanding of ourselves as a partner and source of inspiration for retailers' private labels".

The yellow line (cheese and butter) segment, for example, includes a selection of familiar and new varieties of naturally matured cheeses that responds to the savoury taste profiles trend. "Meadow Milk" plays a role in this concept. A grated cheese mix for hot food is also offered. The mix is available in different recipes, combined individually to match customers' wishes. DMK Private Label focuses not only on attractive products, but also and in particular on sustainable packaging concepts for both grated and sliced cheese. The business unit offers solutions in these areas with benefits that can be communicated directly and memorably to the consumer.

The white line (fresh dairy products) focuses mainly on the topics of health and convenience. DMK Private Label will present trendy product ideas that combine health and taste. Examples are dairy products with a high protein or reduced sugar content. "In developing the concepts, we're not just aiming for innovations, but also looking to improve existing products," says Thorsten Rodehüser. "Sometimes it's the small changes that create a relevant value added for customers. We've developed some ideas for curd on that basis – including fruit curd that's a winner because it simultaneously combines a balanced nutritional profile and a special taste experience".

On the convenience side, new variants of skyr with muesli connect the topics of health and taste to the latest snacking trend. The consumer's advantage:  the muesli is already mixed with the skyr and therefore ready to eat. The skyr products are available in a honey and a raspberry flavour. Recipes with superfoods are also on the cards. Thorsten Rodehüser: "Our understanding of private labels is that they are the retailer's own brands with a high-profile value proposition in both the product portfolio and its presentation in the cabinet. That's the brand conception we apply in developing innovative products for retailers to use in bringing inspirational ideas to the market".     

DMK International: value-added concepts for private label and contract manufacturing
DMK International also focuses on profitable trend concepts. For example, as a provider of high-quality fresh dairy products, DMK International offers Greek-style yoghurt based on Meadow Milk in a variety of fat contents and pack sizes. With their creamy consistency and high protein content, these products appeal particularly to a health-conscious target group with an athletic affinity. Another topic is the growing trend towards "free from" foods. DMK International takes it from trend to reality with reduced-lactose and lactose-free dairy and cheese products, for example in the cream segment.

In both private label and contract manufacturing, DMK has been a competent partner for coffee-related dairy products for many years. Its range comprises a broad portfolio of products and packaging solutions – from single-portion coffee cream to sweetened condensed milk in reclosable 1-litre packs. On a different note from classic dairy products, DMK International is also a long-established professional partner for B2B customers, with high-level consultancy and filling competence.

In the cheese segment, DMK International's offering includes mozzarella products in different formats and clean-label and Meadow Milk concepts for sliceable cheese. Clean-label cheese is free from colours and preservatives and is made of fresh, pure meadow milk. "The cheese segment also increasingly revolves around value added concepts, with which retailers can appeal to more customer groups," explains Michael Feller, Chief Operating Officer DMK International. "New premium cheese recipes and premium cheese specialities respond to these rising requirements. Together with DOC Dairy Partners (DDP), we offer a wide-ranging, high-quality cheese portfolio". Visitors to the trade show can see the DMK Group's latest innovations and achievements for themselves at the joint "Made in Germany" stand and at the DDP Stand (Hall 5, F-6064).