Through Humana GmbH, DMK has been a leading international manufacturer of baby food and dietetic products for more than 60 years. Its recipe for success lies in implementing the latest scientific findings in product development, using gentle manufacturing processes with the help of state-of-the-art technology, and in our knowledge of young children's needs. Humana stands for innovative infant food and is a brand name trusted by millions of parents all over the world, now in around 50 countries.

In the year 1950, Humana launched the first adapted infant formula on the German market. In doing so, it set a milestone in modern baby food - many more have followed in the past decades. Today, we offer a comprehensive product range for babies and toddlers. All production takes place in Germany. From the cow to the finished product - quality made in Germany.

Our core competences include the development of products for babies with special nutritional needs. We benefit here from working closely with paediatricians, gynaecologists, hospitals and midwives in relationships that have grown up over decades.

Internationally, we align our product range flexibly with the specific needs of each country. In addition to traditional milk and special formulae for babies and toddlers, we also offer cereals, jarred foods, desserts, teas, juices & water and food supplements for babies and nursing mothers. Contact us direct.

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