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A Tasty New Look for Uniekaas

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The Dutch words “Onze heerlijke Uniekaas‘’ – our tasty Uniekaas – frames the bold red label. It’s the new logo of the
best-selling gouda cheese made by our Dutch subsidiary, DOC

DOC bought Uniekaas in 2017 “with the intention to turn it into a Class-A brand,’’ says Ron Krekels, Managing Director at DOC Dairy Partner/Uniekaas. Since November 2017, the well-known Uniekaas recipes are being produced at DOC Kaas in Hoogeveen, Netherlands, near the German border. “We want to invigorate the brand and, among other things, have developed a new logo in red, a color which the branch rarely uses and thus stands out,’’ he adds.

The changes aren’t just cosmetic. For the Uniekaas product line, new recipes were developed to improve taste. As a result, the entire line now bears a “fair grazing’’ insignia, signifying ethical dairy cow treatment, as well as a Clean Label, indicating a lack of additives, dyes and aromas.

There are also surprising new cheese concepts in the Uniekaas line. These include new cheese snacks and cheese products made especially for children.

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