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Moin! Introducing Your New MILRAM Drinks

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The new range of MILRAM drinks have an unmistakable northern flair: Kalder Kaffee, Friesen Drink and Moin Kakao are the latest entries in the MILRAM line-up

The north German names for the new drinks are no accident. Matthias Rensch, COO for Branding at DMK, explains: “We wanted to give the brand an unmistakable look and feel.’’ In this way, Kefir fermented milk became Friesen Drink, named after the North Sea Friesland region. Kalder Kaffee was intentionally spelled with a “d,’’ using the local dialect word for “cold.’’ Moin Cocoa packaging bears the name of the northern German greeting for “Good Morning,’’ and also a typical coastal lighthouse for the letter “I’’ in Moin. “With the new names, we are communicating our northern German heritage. That refers not only to our brands but our employees. People sense the change: We are more self-assured,’’ says Rensch. Good morning, residents of Germany’s windswept, chilly north! Why is MILRAM marching in a straight line to the north for its branding? Rensch: “We are outperforming the market in nearly all product categories. Just a few years ago, people were still associating MILRAM with Frühlings- Quark (Spring-Quark) spiced curd cheese, which falsely identified us as coming from Baden-Württemberg (in Germany’s southwest.) We had to say where we really come from.’’ The emphasis on northern heritage appears to be working. More consumers are making the association between MILRAM and its geographic roots. Internally, the strategy has a name. “We call it MILRAM-ization,’’ confides Matthias Rensch. This reflects the bold embrace of northern heritage, which is critical to emotionalizing the brand. Rensch: “We want to reach people at an emotional, gut level.’’ The brand has to offer something unique that others don’t. Otherwise, says Rensch, “there is no convincing argument for its existence.’’ In a marketing sense, MILRAM products have been coming from “The Home of the Fresh’’ since 2013. That’s when the slogan was coined. Now, everyone knows where to find the “Home of the Fresh – in Germany’s far north.


You can’t start the day any better: Instead of a “Kakao Drink’’ (Cocoa Drink) there is Moin Kakao. The product name is catchy and easier to remember

The history of Friesen Drink symbolizes the deliberate emotionalization of the MILRAM brand. Actually, the fermented milk drink has been known to the public longer than Kefir. The drink’s taste has broad appeal, but the name Kefir turned out to be a barrier to sales. Market researchers determined a name other than Kefir would significantly boost sales. That’s how the name “Friesen Drink’’ was created, along with a new slogan: “chill out,’’ a reference to easy going northern Germany. “Don’t stress out!.’’ enough. The drink had to tap into consumer trends to be successful. Friesen Drink does this in two ways: It is lactose-free and has reduced sugar (14 percent less). The blueberry and maracuja versions also contain unusual ingredients: hibiscus and turmeric. Focusing on less sugar was important for iced-coffee drink “Kalder Kaffee.’’ The beverage was designed to address consumer demands for healthier products with less sugar. Both versions of the iced-coffee come without added sugar or sweeteners. No artificial additives such as aromas are used. The milk is lactose-free. The PET container has a screw cap, making it perfect for people on the go. With the new products, MILAM hit the bullseye on several consumer trends: The desire for healthier food, convenience and lifestyle – an image also reinforced by the north German product names. “Moin, windswept Friesians!’’ – a new north German flair has also been added to MILRAM’s website. The web presence is sprinkled with local sayings, such as “When a storm rages, we stay totally cool.’’ Or “Always look ahead.’’ One can look to the north, for example, to the “Home of the Fresh!”


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