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Hitting the spot – MILRAM keeps reinventing itself and winning new fans among shoppers

The innovation explosion started in April with Kalder Kaffee. Available as “unbelievably strong” or “with oats,” this cheeky newcomer has made its mark on the scene. Then, in July, Skyr, Buttermilk quark and cottage cheese made a hit with a new design showing them off as a family of protein-packed products to excite young people about healthy eating. The new protein-rich Skyr cheese bites and Skyr cheese minis will round off this range in September.

Skyr & Smoothie shows that healthy eating does not mean doing without – also available as of September. Without added sugar or additives, but packed with protein, Skyr & Smoothie is a healthy snack that tastes delicious. Meanwhile, MILRAM Tzatziki will taste even more exciting as of September, aiming to delight customers by delivering a stronger garlic flavor, fresh yoghurt and crunchy cucumber. The finale is in the cheese section, with tasty MILRAM Northern Light that is ever so slightly sweet, while MILRAM Caraway comes with whole caraway seeds. Both will bring a whole new realm of flavor to cheese sections starting in October.

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