Welcome to our digital trade fair stand
All events involving the public are canceled until autumn, but there are other ways to present new products and innovations
TIGER - continuous improvement
Vision 2030 will ensure DMK succeeds in the future. And in order for it to become reality, every single person at DMK needs to be prepared to improve a little bit every day. The company is now committed to very clear values
Uniekaas: A classic...gets digital.
Uniekaas has stood for pure, genuine Dutch Gouda for more than 50 years. People in Dutch households can’t imagine life without it. Now, thanks to digital tools, the brand is gaining even more visibility
This cow has won over all of Bremen
Bremen caught its first glimpse of Bremerland, and a cow wearing sunglasses, in March. The product has been winning more and more fans ever since
Osterland - Yummy pudding
Osterland red fruit pudding is a well-loved dessert many recall from their childhoods and still enjoy today
Thinking and acting globally
The limits of globalization were exposed in the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. Nonetheless, we are still working to become an international company
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Altentreptow moves with the times
In early March, 25 years ago, the first trial run was made at the Altentreptow site to process milk and the site started full production later that year.
A strong team, a strategy and a united voice
The Milk 2030 sector strategy sees the industry positioning itself as a powerful team pursuing a coherent strategy and making itself heard
The diversity dividend
Diversity can help a team to achieve its best possible performance – in football as well as at work
Silver DMK diplomat
Silver DMK diplomat publicizes Target Image 2030
’We’ as the binding ingredient
The Industry Business Unit shows how multifaceted the world of milk is. Thanks to DMK’s teamwork, employees keep on overcoming new challenges
MILRAM Vegetable Rainbowl - It will bowl you over!
Lunch time and you feel like something light? Try this vegetarian power bowl. You will find a whole host of recipes on the MILRAM website – plenty are quick to put together without using meat
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