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DMK Group: Expansion of the Milram Kalder Kaffee product range

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Bremen, 25 February 2020
DMK Group launched two more Cold Brew Coffee varieties under the Milram brand. From April, “Kalder Kaffee” will be on the shelves in the “unbelievably strong” and “with oats” varieties at retail outlets, thus offering customers a wider choice with new taste impulses in this segment.

“We intend to further expand our brand business and bring innovative products to the market that meet the wishes of our consumers. Kalder Kaffee is our response to important trends: the enjoyment of convenience and lifestyle products with less or without added sugar at all. Since our market launch, this has enabled us to gain an increasing number of customers who have never consumed iced coffee before,” said Matthias Rensch, COO DMK Brand. “This too is our very first response to customer wishes for plant-based flavour alternatives. With the oak flavour of Kalder Kaffee, we’re providing the opportunity to try something new without having to give up the familiar taste altogether, as the product still contains a proportion of cow’s milk in addition to oat drink”.

DMK Group is focusing on a segment with strong growth – iced coffee is regarded as the strongest growth driver in the category of blended milk drinks with a plus of 14.9% (first six months of 2019 vs. previous year). Demand for these products is thus growing faster than the market as a whole, making them attractive for retailers.

Both varieties are lactose-free – having been produced using the Cold Brew Coffee manufacturing process – and are clearly distinguish themselves from many competitors by not using added sugar, sweeteners and artificial additives such as aromas. The “unbelievably strong” variety is the one with the highest caffeine content – a whole 50 mg / 100 ml. Kalder Kaffee with mild and oats containing 27 mg caffeine / 100 ml thus corresponds to the “strong” variety and has a mild nutty taste thanks to the oats. The “Very strong” variety lies in the middle with 40 mg caffeine / 100 ml.

A comprehensive campaign will be launched this year to address the target group, with which Milram will continue to focus on its unmistakable North German style. A targeted campaign is a charming way to communicate the functional benefit of “wakefulness” from the high caffeine content and special features of Milram Kalder Kaffee. Plus social media as well as a PR-campaign will be used for direct contact.