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DMK Group: New Umbrella Concept for MILRAM Protein Products

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Bremen, 13 February 2020
Starting in the second half of 2020, DMK Group will distinguish the range of high-protein MILRAM products under a common umbrella concept. From the “Activ” variant of “MILRAM FrühlingsQuark” to cottage cheese, buttermilk quark and Skyr, the brand already has many products that contain protein in its range. These now have a uniformly recognisable look and clearly display the respective protein content. The concept will expand to other product groups from Q3 onwards. With MILRAM, DMK is thus creating one of the broadest product lines for high-protein refrigerated products this year.

The demand for high-protein products has developed into one of the most dynamic nutritional trends. Consumers are paying more attention to themselves and what they eat. This is precisely where the MILRAM brand and its new protein range enters the picture. “At MILRAM, we always focus on the benefits that consumers are looking for in a product – and it’s no different with protein. As we understand it, high-protein products tend to be a means to an end,” explains Matthias Rensch, COO of the Business Unit Brand at DMK Group. “What’s important is the benefit to the consumer. For high-protein products, it’s clearly about supporting a healthy lifestyle. The main purpose of combining sport and nutrition is to look good and to show it. We celebrate that with the north German expression, ‘Für schmucke Deerns und Kerls’, which means ‘For good-looking young men and women’.

In future, this idea will also be taken up for products in the protein range and reinforced in communications. The uniform concept, complete with a recognisable design, creates a clear orientation on the shelf for the consumer – and so boosts the willingness to purchase.

“Both for the overview of existing items and for the upcoming new products, we’re receiving first-class feedback here. After all, these types of trends don’t reverse so quickly or simply disappear. They anchor themselves in the lives and minds of many people. Products that are rich in protein and tend to have low fat content fit in perfectly,” emphasises Matthias Rensch. “Seeing them, the retail trade is recognising the high value we place on customer orientation. The fact that we are taking up the trend with a slightly different approach is also being well received. The concept’s connection with beach and water sports needs no explanation.”