MILRAM pans are a tasty treat for friends

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Is it raclette season already? There’s a fitting recipe for everyone, a shopping list and other services: use the MILRAM website to become the ideal host

Raclette only at Christmas or for New Year’s? No way! You can gather your friends around the table and fill the pans any time you feel like it. Whether you’re the adventurous type, more detail-oriented or spontaneous – MILRAM’s website offers the right recipe for you: www.milram.de


For those who love classic recipes, try this delicious combination of delicate smoked salmon and potatoes with dill.


Here’s the recipe:


  • STEP 1: Cook the potatoes, then peel and slice them. Wash the spring onions and slice them into rings. Wash the dill and let it dry, then chop it coarsely. Then add the peppercorns, fennel seeds and lemon rind, and pound it with a pestle and mortar. Set out small bowls on the table.
  • STEP 2: In the heated raclette pans, fry the potato slices in vegetable oil until they are golden brown, then add the smoked salmon and the spring onions into the little pans. Season it with the lemon-fennel mix.
  • STEP 3: Add a slice of Sylter cheese onto the pans and let it bake.


Tuck in to your tasty meal and enjoy!


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